Top 35 Blogs for the DIY Accountant

If you’re into saving money, you may want to do your own taxes and keep track of your funds on your own. This means paying attention and crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s when it counts most. Even those who are normally numerically challenged can make sense of crunching numbers with the help of these DIY accounting blogs.

Basic DIY Accounting Blogs

If you’re accounting for the money floating around your home, these blogs offer guidance on what to do when your income rises or falls.

  1. Get Rich Slowly Making loads of moolah doesn’t happen to most of us overnight. This blog is all about watching and tracking your finances so you’re able to grow your money in the long run. It offers great tips on how to curb overspending.
  2. Real Life Accounting You might feel overwhelmed when it comes to accounting for your household. This blog breaks down the job into an accessible project that takes time, but will be worth the effort once you see how much money your family is making (and saving) over time.
  3. Business Accounting Blog This blog has concise posts over what to do when you’ve run out of savings or how to go about paying off that massive student loan debt. This blog is helpful for those who have little knowledge of how to manage their money, but may be looking at big obligations (such as those mentioned above).
  4. Understand Accounting This accounting blog gives you a rundown of the basics of accounting, which can be applied for household finances. One of the best parts of this site is the glossary, located on the left hand side. A list like this comes in handy when reading other DIY accounting blogs too.
  5. Money Funk This blogger shows you how to get out of the money funk by taking control of your finances. From 401ks to savings accounts and getting a handle on your debt, there’s plenty of accounting advice at this popular blog.
  6. Debt Haters Blog We love this finance blog for it’s personal edge. The blogger isn’t afraid to disclose exact numbers, which makes reading the blog feel like you’re having a conversation versus being served tips from a so-called expert.
  7. Sound Money Matters This finance and accounting blog shows you how to keep up with your records and funds throughout the year, so come tax season, it’s smooth sailing. This blogger has a knack for making you feel empowered about taking control of your finances.
  8. First Generation White Collar Want to learn how to get ahead? Even those on a limited budget can save where it matters. This blogger shows you the steps she’s taking to make herself the first generation white collar. It’s about working smarter (and sometimes harder) to get ahead with your money.
  9. Tax Guru Waling and dealing when it comes to your taxes may be tough, but this blog shows you how to do it with ease. Remember that DIY taxes are all about preparation and organization. After that, you can come to this blog for tips on additional deductions and refunds.
  10. Chief Family Officer This SAHM used to be an attorney, so you can bet she pays attention to the details. If you’re just staring to serve as the DIY accountant in your family, you’ll appreciate this financial blog because the mom is eager to share insider tips on keeping tabs on money matters.
  11. Our Taxing Times This is one of the most in-depth blogs over accounting on the web. We love it because it’s somewhat formal, but written in a language the DIY accountant can understand (or easily look up). This is a great read for those starting up their own accounting business too.
  12. Taxable Talk This blog is one to bookmark because it deals with tax laws for all 50 states. It also talks about how to file for an extension and what to do when you don’t receive a return payment.
  13. Roth & Company, P.C. Tax Update Blog This accounting firm’s blog has all of the accounting news that’s fit to print. If you have a question over a new tax law in your state or at the federal level, you can bet it’s been written about and explained at this blog.
  14. How I Save Money This blogger doesn’t hold back when it comes to personal financial matters. She shows you how to save money, how to manage your credit and any debt you might have. She’s also a huge fan of coupons which means she’s organized and shows you how to do the same with proper planning.
  15. Jean Chatzky This personal finance guru has a weekly segment on The Today Show. At her blog she talks student loans, how to budget when you’re first out of college and what steps towards investing to take once in you’re the position to do so.
  16. Blogs for DIY Small Business Accounting

    DIY accounting is a smart bet for a small business. Before you get confused with what’s going on and what’s coming in, consult these DIY accounting blogs for tips on keeping tabs on your company’s money.

  17. Sure Payroll Blog This is one way to do your small business payroll, but the blog that penned by this company can be applied to any start-up business or family with one or two employees (such as a nanny or gardener). This blog is a must-read for those who need help with issues with small payrolls.
  18. The Payroll Guys This blog gives you the nitty gritty on payroll requirements for small businesses. If you’re just staring a small business or need to literature for a bookkeeper to reference every now and then, this is the blog for the job.
  19. Business Know How – Small Business Blog This blog focuses on small business accounting tips, including payroll. It also talks about growing your business and knowing when to make an investment that will pay you back in a major way.
  20. Small Business Blog This is arguably one of the best small business accounting blogs on the web. It goes beyond the basics, covering the latest tax breaks and laws at a federal level.
  21. Small Business Accounting Blog If you need to go a little further than small business accounting 101, this blog shows you the ropes when it comes to equity and cash flow. This blog is one to bookmark because it has plenty of pertinent small business accounting information in concise articles that you can reference throughout the year.
  22. Millington and Company CPAs Small Business Accounting Blog This blog is a smart read for small business owners because it discusses training someone to handle payroll and how to ensure it’s done in an efficient, yet speedy way. Passing off this task to a bookkeeper can be tough for small business owners who’ve taken the reigns since day one, but it will be well worth it if it means increasing productivity.
  23. Small Business Accounting Blog Get ready for a crash course in accounting with this blog that talks budgeting tips, bookkeeping and strategy. It also discusses the importance of a business plan, which gives everyone an itinerary for growth for the future.
  24. Small Business Accounting Handbook This blog gives you tips on payroll, including what are the best systems to use depending on your company’s number of employees. It also talks about the accounting obstacles you can expect to face as you get in the groove of the world of self-employment.
  25. DAS Accounting Blog Is bookkeeping in-house such a great thing? Learn the effects of outsourcing your payroll and see if it might be the right move for you.
  26. The Entrepreneur School Blog If you’re a start-up business, this site is an essential read to learn what to expect when it comes to accounting. It’s all about crunching the numbers, taking reasonable risks and hiring people you trust. A recent post over small business accounting looks like the site will soon add an expert in the subject or have a few guests posts on the matter.
  27. Daniel Stoica This professional accountant isn’t scared to share his tricks of the trade with folks looking for accounting tips. He often chats about start-up businesses, including how to manage overhead and make the most of your initial funds.
  28. The Accounting Department Blog This site offers virtual accounting services, but it also provides the DIY accountant with tips. While DIY accounting and virtual accounting are two totally different things (after all, you aren’t paying for DIY accounting), the blog has insight on the differences between LLC and SMB accounting which some small business struggle with when choosing a title.
  29. Taxes Plus LLC At this accounting blog you’ll learn all about the proper business tax deductions, plus how to avoid an audit. Tips like these are crucial for a small business since slipping up in either area means more money out the door.
  30. Accounting Ninja This is one of the most comprehensive sites for DIY accounting. We like it because it gives suggestions on when to bring in a pro for small business owners. While the bulk of accounting can be done by yourself or a hire, it’s important to know when to bring in a professional to avoid any financial hiccups down the road.
  31. Blogs for Freelancers and Self-Employed DIY Accountants

    The self-employed and freelancers are dealing with a different beast when it comes to DIY accounting. To stay on the safe side, you must be meticulous about how your income to ensure there’s money set aside for tax season.

  32. KashFlow Forums This forum is dedicated to small businesses using KashFlow, but there are threads that will help out any startup business or freelancer looking for accounting tips.
  33. Neville’s Financial Blog This blog isn’t really about accounting per se, but it is about financial wealth and keeping it that way when you don’t have a boss to tell you what to do. This blogger will keep your spirits up and help you stay enthusiastic about being self-employed.
  34. Accounting Coach Some of us need a crash course in business, even after we’re self-employed. It’s a marathon, not a sprint and this blog illustrates that perfectly. It shows you how to deal with turnover and when to realize you’re putting too much in and not getting enough out.
  35. DIY Investing This blogger shows you how to make the most of your funds with DIY investing tips that will ensure you’re always able to keep your business going. We love it because he shows you how to take baby steps without getting in over your head.
  36. Way Point Accounting Blog These professional accountants offer tips to the masses. For freelancers, there’s a section over how to choose the right tax preparer, in the event of dealing with dozens of 1099s scares you.
  37. Freelance Switch This blog is packed with tips on networking (both the old-fashioned and social media variety), but it also has a plethora of information over DIY accounting and tax solutions. It’s important for freelancers to stay organized when it comes to receipts and services rendered for their gigs.
  38. Taking care of the accounting can be done on your own, but it takes a keen eye and serious organization. Whether you’re keeping up with your family’s income or conducting payroll for a start-up business, these blogs will help you get a handle on your money and feel good about taking things into your own hands.