The 50 Best Numismatics Blogs for Serious Collectors

Numismatics…it’s the study of currency and we’re talking all types. Old coins, new coins, ancient coins and rare coins. This niche crowd is passionate about their hobby and share information on the web with numismatics afficionados, new and old. There’s always more to learn when it comes to tracking and identifying coins, so use these blogs and websites as your go-to sources for everything about collecting money (that’s worth a lot more than today’s buck).

Best Blogs for Numismatics

Studying and collecting coins isn’t just a hobby you pick up overnight. Check out these blogs for further knowledge on your favorite pieces or consult them before pouncing on a new one.

1. Numismatics Blog The name says it all! This blog no longer publishes, but has countless archived posts that go into great detail over authenticating and identifying various types of coins.

2. Silver Coin And A brilliant blog that covers various aspects of coin collecting, including how to clean and preserve your silver coins.

3. The Numismatist Coin Collector This blog is about as good as gets when it comes to severe details on coins that matter to true coin afficionados.

4. Curator and Collector This blog focuses on numismatics of the Northwest and has extensive coverage of ancient art and sculptures from the same region.

5. Ancient Coin Collecting If ancient coins are your forte, consider this the best blog you’ll ever come across. This blog is dedicated to decoding the history behind relic coins found all over the world.

6. Croatian Numesmatics This blog’s all about Croatian currency, new and old. The history behind the land is amazing and played a vital role in the evolution of the currency used there. Learn more at this blog.

7. Old and Ancient Coins This blog is for true coin afficionados who want a break down on everything from a coin’s rarity to its metal content. A fascinating read for those already well-versed in the subject.

8. Coins World Even if you have a long history with coins, you’ll learn something new every time you visit this site that’s chock full of information, especially rare ancient coins.

9. U.S. Coin Collecting The warm community created by this blog is always willing to lend a helping hand, even if you’re a numismatics newbie.

10. World Coin Gallery This coin gallery brings coins from all over the world, right to your computer screen. It’s a great resource for those looking to ID coins in their collection.

11. Coin Collecting News Keep abreast of what’s going on in the world of coin collecting. This blog covers theft of valuable coins and ancient coins uncovered in Israel. It’s updated often, so be sure to check back regularly for a dose of coin news.

12. Coin Forum Info Think of this as your must-have feed for coin news from around the globe. Updated often, the site is perfect for those who have coins on the brain 24/7.

13. The Lincoln Cent Resource Got a question about the Lincoln cent? There’s a solid chance you’ll find an answer at this insightful blog that covers everything there is to know about the U.S. penny (how’s that for a niche blog?).

14. English Hammerhead The English hammerhead is a valuable coin and this site is packed with information on ID-ing your hammerhead. While none of the coins on the site are for sale, the images serve as a great resources for research.

15. China Ancient Coin Blog While much of this site is in Chinese, a simple run through Google translator will bring up an English version you can read with ease. There’s amazing history in ancient coins of any nationality, but the Chinese tell the story of the land.

16. China Mint – Fake Chinese Coin Collectors Chinese coins are among the most sought after and here’s a list of commonly faked coins being sold online, as well as sellers known for practicing bad business.

17. Medieval Coins While this site offers little insight on the history of the coins, it does serve as a great tool for those researching the detail of Medieval coins.

18. About Coins This About site is a great read for beginners or serious collectors. It also makes the subject of numismatics more accessible for the reader who isn’t familiar with the ins-and-outs.

19. Monestatic This site is a great social networking tool for coin collectors. The members are friendly and eager to educate, so register (it’s free) and get chatting.

20. Coin Friends The shared images portion of this networking site is useful since members can comment and potentially ID a coin just by seeing a picture.

21. Ancient Coin Cleaning and Restoration Need to know how to make that ancient coin shine without damaging it? Consult this helpful blog before you pour on any type of heavy cleaner to ensure you preserve the coin’s condition and value.

22. Coin Network Connect with other coin lovers on the Coin Network. Benefit from their forum and gallery all for free!

23. Hello Collectors! It’s a simple site that addresses a serious problem – untrustworthy coin sellers that are looking to scam individuals online. Here’s a breakdown on who is worthy of your business.

24. Coin Community Info Blog This blog updates often and has a wealth of information for the already educated coin collector.

25. The Buzz Coin Blog Updated often, this is a great blog penned by the editor of Numismatics News magazine. Learn how to make coin collecting work for you.

26. Australian Coin Collecting Blog This blogger is passionate about coin collecting and it shows. The extensive posts and charts on the blog prove that you don’t have to be an”official” of any sort to know your stuff when it comes to numismatics.

27. Capital Treasures Can the every day Joe become a numismatics collector? This blog says yes and shows you how to make wise investments with your coin purchases.

28. Cheap Green and Happy This is a personal blog that just happens to belong to a coin collector. See how he collects and keeps track of coins from the U.S. and Canada .

29. Coin Blog This coin blog tracks new releases and how fast they sell out, in addition to providing tidbits on older and rare coins.

30. Beautiful World Coins This blog is dedicated to breaking down the amazing illustrations that go on coins. It gives a history on why the illustration was chosen and why it was commissioned in relation to the era.

31. AC Dwyer’s Coin Stories Like all old things, coins carry stories. Here’s a collection of both that will give you an insider’s look on why some are so fascinated with the subject.

Best Online Resources for Numismatics

While blogs provide a great voice for you to relate to on your coin journey, there’s nothing like pro websites and forums to get you knowledgeable about the metal you collect.

32. Coin World This the online magazine of coins from all over the world. The coverage revolves around more modern coins and places little emphasis on ancient coins.

33. Coin News Net This site keeps you updated with all of the coin news that’s fit to print. If you’re a beginner collector, this is a great site to bookmark for information on releases and how to go about buying them.

34. Ancient Coin Collectors Guild Keep in the loop when it comes to ancient coin updates and keep a calendar nearby to mark down convention dates and exhibits that may be in your area.

35. American Numismatic Association This is the official site of American coin collectors and gives a thorough background on the history of coins in the U.S..

36. U.S. Classic Coin Forum Check out this busy forum for answers to your burning coin collection questions. Also be sure to check out the other areas of the forum for coin talk on currency outside of the U.S.

37. U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing This site of the U.S. government keeps you updated on any major currency changes (like the fancy new $100 bill) and gives a brief rundown of the history of currency in the United States.

38. Teletrade Certified Coin and Currency Auctions If you’re starting your numismatic collection or looking to unload it, you’ll want Teletrade to be your first stop for more widely produced coins.

39. United States Mint Become part of the official coin collecting club in the U.S. by creating a membership with the mint. They’ll update you on events, newly released coins and what coins are increasing in value each year.

40. American Numismatics Society If you’re a coin lover who’ll be in the New York area, be sure to check this site for info on tours an exhibits that will make your trip worthwhile.

41. Numismatic News Check out this site for listings, appraisals and more. There’s also a great function for identifying coins and the site is happy to answer questions via Twitter.

42. Heritage Auctions Heritage wheels and deals in rare coins, so if you have a serious collection that needs to be appraised or sold, this is a great starting point.

43. Collectors Universe How to find coins, identify existing coins and how to go about swapping with fellow collectors online.

44. Central States Numismatics Society If you’re in middle America, check out this site for events in the area and connecting with fellow collectors.

45. Coin Library This site is the ultimate online resource for learning everything you want to know about coins. There’s also an extensive page with links for further research.

46. Ancients Info Forum If learning all you can about ancient coins is your interest, bookmark this forum. It’s brimming with information on ancient coins from various civilizations and the members are always willing to help with questions when they can.

47. Bullion City This messageboard focuses on numismatics, saving, investing and more, but it has a great sub-forum for coin collectors and metals.

48. Coin Talk Chat about coins and currency at this site. Serious coin collectors are welcomed since the crowd is well-versed and can chat with the best of ‘em.

49. Wisard Coin This site focuses on world coins from the 20th century and has plenty of eye candy for those interested in coins from this time period.

50. Currency Museum Canada This Canadian museum has extensive information on the history of Canadian currency on their site as well as information on exhibits and the permanent collection housed in the museum.

Numismatics has a new face thanks to the Internet. As everything that’s old becomes new again, it’s a hobby that many enjoy learning about even if they don’t have the money or desire to become hardcore collectors.