Slave to Discount Buying: Top 50 Niche Coupon Blogs

We’ve all heard of shoppers who can walk into a store and walk out with hundreds of dollars’ worth of stuff at a fraction of the cost. With all the notes, studying, searching, and clipping, couponing can easily make the money saved worth the time when done right. Those who have a few minutes to spare, dollars to stretch, and think retail price is for suckers have tons of company on the internet in the form of bloggers.

Below we have gathered the top 50 niche coupon blogs. Whether you’re looking to become a leading coupon mom, need the latest piece of tech but not the price tag, or just know you want it on the cheap, they are full of options for everything you need with enough money left over for stuff you don’t need.

Top Mom Niche Coupon Blogs

Because it all starts with the mom, check out these top coupon blogs.


    1. Coupon Mom
    The original is still one of the best. Blog entries come as links to coupons most of the time and there are loads of tips on what and where to buy. The Coupon Mom also often lists the final cost of many items in stores found across the nation.


    2. Money Saving Mom
    Those who need a little help starting out on their couponing journey should stop here. Crystal features a starter’s guide as part of her blog, along with many entries for couponing pro’s. The Best of Blog include “31 Days to a Better Grocery Budget Series” and “Becoming a Work at Home Mom.”

    3. Deal Seeking Mom
    Over 84,000 others have joined here to help make the most of all their shopping. Tara Kuczykowski has tips for living on less, money making ideas, and tons of store deals. You can even check out her coupon database with much more.

    4. Freebies 4 Mom
    Go beyond couponing with the help of this blog. Heather shares the best in free stuff across the web. There are also tips for coupons, sweeps, codes, deals, and more.

    5. Mashup Mom
    Combine the best of coupons, giveaways, and more on this blog. Sample posts include deals, free samples, and upcoming sales. You can even get lingo for newbie couponers.

    6. The Frugal Girls
    Heidi is from Washington where she is wife and mother to a house full of men. With many hungry mouths to feed, she utilizes coupons, deals, freebies, and more to the max. She also includes money saving tips, recipes, and craft ideas.

    7. My Litter
    Tiffany takes you through couponing one deal at a time. She offers everything from a Coupon 101 section to a massive database. The blog keeps constant updates on loads of breaking items in couponing, such as the new e-coupons.

    8. Short on Cents
    This family of five has to stretch their dollar to the fullest. Angie shows you how by including everything from free samples to reduced admission at many family attractions. She often includes coupons that she uses herself.

Top Niche Store Coupon Blogs

These couponing bloggers focus on a favorite store but are not limited to it.


    9. I Heart the Mart
    Critics say it is ruining the country, but if you are like Paul, you can use this blog to save hundreds of dollars at Wal-Mart. He includes price matching sections, easy deals, a coupon database, and much more. With a tagline of “deals so easy, even your husband can do it,” the blog is not to be missed.

    10. Fare Compare
    Everyone has their favorite site with which to search and book flight deals, but this is an entirely different choice. This blog scours the web to find the best in airline deals from a load of different sites. With over 800 choices alone in Cheap Flight of the Day, this one might save you hundreds in one visit.

    11. I Heart CVS
    Your local pharmacy isn’t just a place to get prescriptions. This blogger keeps track of regular deals and coupons in the store to make the most of your shopping time. Weekly ads, and even a few tips for other stores, are featured on a regular basis.

    12. I Love Costco
    They say big budget stores are one of the best places to make the most of coupons. This blogger began writing as a way for their mother not to worry. It soon grew into a mega-site where the best in Costco offerings are discussed and shared.

    13. Safewaygirl’s Safeway Deal
    This grocery store is located all across the country. The Safeway Girl makes weekly and daily deals part of her blogging fare. With a promise of at least 40% off groceries, she is worth a look.

    14. Target Addict
    The TA readily admits to being addicted to the store Target. Updates on the store, along with deals are often shared. There are also loads of tips for what to buy when you are there.

    15. Department Store Retailing News
    No matter which department store is your favorite, there is news here. Bill Buczak includes stores such as Macy’s, JCPenney, Sears, and many more. Picks include charity, who is watching, and the best in toys.

Top Professional Niche Coupon Blogs

Although these bloggers enjoy many different professions, they have each found a calling in coupon blogging.


    16. Coupons/ Bargains
    Donna Montaldo is a journalist who combines her past experience in the retail industry with her passion for using coupons and finding bargains. She uses the blog as a way to share retail secrets, tips on how to save money when shopping, and how to utilize coupons to stretch a budget. Check out the blog for items such as a coupon directory, grocery stores that double, and even a free ecourse for beginners.

    17. Bargain Briana
    By day Briana is a master accountant for an HVAC contractor. In her spare time, she devotes her blog to finding the best in hard sought bargains. Great entries for getting started include “New Year, New Grocery Budget” and loads of Freebie Friday’s.

    18. Maven of Savin
    Lynn is an engineer turned physics teacher turned stay at home mom. Her latest passion is saving money while saving her mind. Get the latest tips on how with a read.

    19. A Frugal Chick
    Like many of us, this blogger worked a full time job until being laid off. She now uses her time to save her family tons of cash with couponing and shares how. You can also get loads of tips for living on a budget.

    20. Northern Cheapskate
    Christina Brown writes from the woods of Minnesota where she clips coupons, pinches pennies, and chases three boys. In the past, she was an assistant newspaper editor, a college admissions representative, and a community college instructor and academic advisor. Her mission now is to help others take control of their finances through couponing and freebies.

    21. Consumer Queen
    Melissa works on social media campaigns for major bands when she is not sharing coupon knowledge via the blog. You can use her blog to choose from many stores from Aldi to Walgreens. There is also a coupon database with more.

    22. The Prudent Patron
    She is a former elementary school teacher who uses her background in education to help others learn the art of couponing. With a knowledge passed down by her grandmother, the blogger shares couponing for both next generation and the past. Popular topics range from baby bargains to swag bucks.

    23. Surviving the Stores
    Rachel founded this as a way to keep herself accountable in grocery budgeting. It has since grown into a huge resource for others who need to save money. One of the most recent posts was on why you don’t need to be an extreme couponer to save loads of money.

    24. Brandy’s Big Bargains 2.0
    She left the professional field of Distribution & Warehousing in November of 2009 due to company outsourcing. Determined to support her family on a single income, she sought to find loads of news deals and savings. With many entries on how to do just that, you can choose from drug store deals, grocery stores, codes, and more.

    25. Mr. Cheap Stuff
    Dean is from Honolulu where he does online marketing. He created his blog to help others get the best in coupons, deals, and tips without wasting time. Popular posts include top ten fast food meals and the five benefits of no television.

Top Tech Niche Coupon Blogs

Get the best deals in tech with the help of the below blogs.


    26. The Cheapskate
    The experts at CNET offer one of the largest databases for free software downloads anywhere. Blogger Rick Broida takes it one step further by scouring the web for the best in tech deals and sharing it here. Most popular posts include Google and ice cream sundaes, Windows 8, and many others.

    27. Mojo Savings
    Mike and Lisa surf for deals so you don’t have to. You can search by loads of stores and the best in online deals. You can even sign up for email updates to be entered in a contest to win a $50 Amazon card.

    28. Bargain Buggy
    Get a peek in the buggy of a bargain finding mobile mom here. Shannon is a mother who stands out for giving the best options for people on the go or those visiting from mobile devices. She also includes the basics as part of the blog.

    29. Deal Mac
    Whether you’re a Mac or PC doesn’t matter at this blog. Deals for both are listed here and in categories such as gaming, office, electronics, and more. With a tagline of “how to go broke saving money,” the blog embodies that way of thinking.

    30. Cheap Stingy Bargains
    If you are in the market for a computer or any accessory, this is the blog for you. The blogger shares thoughts on many recent products, as well as recommendations for whether or not to buy. You can also get coupons for brands such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo.

    31. Be Connected
    Get loads of deals on techs, gadgets, and even product reviews here. Everything from gaming items to those for serious business is discussed. There are also blogs for home, pets, and much more.

    32. Daily TUT
    Visit here for a blog on internet, technology, tutorials, and how to’s. Best of all, they have a special section just for tech coupons. Recent ones are on $100 off and 20% off at electronics stores.

    33. Make Tech Easier
    Damien is from Singapore and has a passion for building and modifying loads of pieces of tech. His blog makes all this technology accessible and has special categories for Windows, Mac, Linux, and more. You can also check out Tech Deals with many options every day.

Top Deal Niche Coupon Blogs

You don’t necessarily have to have a coupon to get a deal as shown in these blogs.


    34. Get Groceries Free
    What deal is better than free? Ashley specializes in showing others how they can get their groceries for free. Using coupons, freebies, giveaways, and more, she can start you in saving an unbelievable amount of money.

    35. Dealcatcher
    Get the best online deals gathered to one spot here. A top ten deals on every store from Amazon to Dell greets each and every visitor. Current entries are on $0.99 CD’s, gift baskets, and sunglasses.

    36. Brad’s Deals
    He handpicks some of the best deals in savings from across the web. Often a popular choice, Brad often scoops many other deal bloggers. Current choices include low cost remotes and even 70% of your restaurant bill.

    37. Deal News
    Every day is Black Friday on this blog. The hottest deals and featured stories are instantly shared. You can also get deals in your area, tech, coupons, and even an editor’s choice.

    38. Fat Wallet
    Also a popular deal site, their official blog has even more. Popular posts include car insurance, a laptop buying guide, and things you shouldn’t buy from a dollar store. Check out the main site with much more.

    39. Want Not
    Mir Karmin is a mother of two kids and lived a comfortable lifestyle until the divorce. It gave her an opportunity to learn how to live more with less. Recent entries were on pancakes, candy, and books.

    40. Dealio
    The contributors to a site of the same name stop by the blog with even more in deals. You can choose from categories such as coupon alert, freebies, and much more. The main site also has much more.

    41. Dealzon
    Viet and others bring you loads of deals on everything from computers to clothes. A standout option is that products are often reviewed in detail by whoever is posting. You can also choose from different categories and stores.

    42. Luv a Bargain
    Sherri is a wife and mother whose tagline is “make money by saving money.” She shares tips for the best sites, memberships, and more. You can even get tips on how to earn money.

    43. Be Frugal
    Jennifer has gathered thousands of deals together on the blog since 2009. Based in Boston, you can use them to find online and printable coupons, as well as articles and tools for the best in deals. Be sure not to miss their own contest with more.

Top Other Niche Coupon Blogs

These couponing sites fall into a category of their own.

    44. Bargain Moose
    Sure all this couponing is great if you live in the U.S. Those living a tad North can stop here to find loads of coupon options from Anna, a Canadian 29 year old self-confessed shopaholic. Deals are featured both locally and internationally.

    45. The Budget Fashionista
    Because frugal is the new black, check out this blog. Kathryn Finney shares the 411 on what to buy, how much to pay for it, and even how to wear it. Steals and deals are the topics of choice.

    46. My DFW Mommy
    Laura Thornqist is from the Dallas-Forth Worth area and discovered a new way of living when the economy took a turn for the worse in 2008. She includes many ways to save in not just her area, but all across the nation. You can also get unique items such as restaurant deals.

    47. Cleveland Coupons
    You don’t have to live in Cleveland to enjoy this blog, but it doesn’t hurt. Jennifer Toth shares show a frugal family makes ends meet with the best deal and price. Take a look at both local and national options with a read.

    48. Baby Cheapskate
    Because having a baby can be the most expensive thing you ever do, check out this blog. Since 2005, Angie has been helping other expectant parents plan for a baby like never before. Also a good choice for those who know an expectant parent.

    49. Cheap Tweet
    Save money while you tweet with the help of this site. It has loads of deals and even a place where users can vote up or down. And of course, the option to follow on Twitter.

    50. 8 Coupons
    This mega site can get you loads of deals using your own location. However, the blog regularly features the thoughts of editors and useful guest posts. One of the most recent was on the daily deal bubble.

Although there are many deals of the day sites popping up every day, there is nothing quite like a blog that takes the time to review each deal and show you how to make the most of your shopping. Be sure and utilize the above top 50 niche coupon blogs before your next grocery store run or online spree to start saving now.