3 Types of Accountants

In 2012, there were over 1 million jobs for accountants in the United States. Working as an accountant generally means working with and monitoring money and costs, analyzing budgets, and understanding tax laws. However, not all accountants do the exact same job. In fact some accountants specialize in one type of accounting over another. So where are these 1 million accountants working and what are they doing?

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Top 35 Blogs for the DIY Accountant

If you’re into saving money, you may want to do your own taxes and keep track of your funds on your own. This means paying attention and crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s when it counts most. Even those who are normally numerically challenged can make sense of crunching numbers with the help of these DIY accounting blogs.

Basic DIY Accounting Blogs

If you’re accounting for the money floating around your home, these blogs offer guidance on what to do when your income rises or falls.

  1. Get Rich Slowly Making loads of moolah doesn’t happen to most of us overnight. This blog is all about watching and tracking your finances so you’re able to grow your money in the long run. It offers great tips on how to curb overspending.
  2. Real Life Accounting You might feel overwhelmed when it comes to accounting for your household. This blog breaks down the job into an accessible project that takes time, but will be worth the effort once you see how much money your family is making (and saving) over time.
  3. Business Accounting Blog This blog has concise posts over what to do when you’ve run out of savings or how to go about paying off that massive student loan debt. This blog is helpful for those who have little knowledge of how to manage their money, but may be looking at big obligations (such as those mentioned above).
  4. Understand Accounting This accounting blog gives you a rundown of the basics of accounting, which can be applied for household finances. One of the best parts of this site is the glossary, located on the left hand side. A list like this comes in handy when reading other DIY accounting blogs too.
  5. Money Funk This blogger shows you how to get out of the money funk by taking control of your finances. From 401ks to savings accounts and getting a handle on your debt, there’s plenty of accounting advice at this popular blog.
  6. Debt Haters Blog We love this finance blog for it’s personal edge. The blogger isn’t afraid to disclose exact numbers, which makes reading the blog feel like you’re having a conversation versus being served tips from a so-called expert.
  7. Sound Money Matters This finance and accounting blog shows you how to keep up with your records and funds throughout the year, so come tax season, it’s smooth sailing. This blogger has a knack for making you feel empowered about taking control of your finances.
  8. First Generation White Collar Want to learn how to get ahead? Even those on a limited budget can save where it matters. This blogger shows you the steps she’s taking to make herself the first generation white collar. It’s about working smarter (and sometimes harder) to get ahead with your money.
  9. Tax Guru Waling and dealing when it comes to your taxes may be tough, but this blog shows you how to do it with ease. Remember that DIY taxes are all about preparation and organization. After that, you can come to this blog for tips on additional deductions and refunds.
  10. Chief Family Officer This SAHM used to be an attorney, so you can bet she pays attention to the details. If you’re just staring to serve as the DIY accountant in your family, you’ll appreciate this financial blog because the mom is eager to share insider tips on keeping tabs on money matters.
  11. Our Taxing Times This is one of the most in-depth blogs over accounting on the web. We love it because it’s somewhat formal, but written in a language the DIY accountant can understand (or easily look up). This is a great read for those starting up their own accounting business too.
  12. Taxable Talk This blog is one to bookmark because it deals with tax laws for all 50 states. It also talks about how to file for an extension and what to do when you don’t receive a return payment.
  13. Roth & Company, P.C. Tax Update Blog This accounting firm’s blog has all of the accounting news that’s fit to print. If you have a question over a new tax law in your state or at the federal level, you can bet it’s been written about and explained at this blog.
  14. How I Save Money This blogger doesn’t hold back when it comes to personal financial matters. She shows you how to save money, how to manage your credit and any debt you might have. She’s also a huge fan of coupons which means she’s organized and shows you how to do the same with proper planning.
  15. Jean Chatzky This personal finance guru has a weekly segment on The Today Show. At her blog she talks student loans, how to budget when you’re first out of college and what steps towards investing to take once in you’re the position to do so.
  16. Blogs for DIY Small Business Accounting

    DIY accounting is a smart bet for a small business. Before you get confused with what’s going on and what’s coming in, consult these DIY accounting blogs for tips on keeping tabs on your company’s money.

  17. Sure Payroll Blog This is one way to do your small business payroll, but the blog that penned by this company can be applied to any start-up business or family with one or two employees (such as a nanny or gardener). This blog is a must-read for those who need help with issues with small payrolls.
  18. The Payroll Guys This blog gives you the nitty gritty on payroll requirements for small businesses. If you’re just staring a small business or need to literature for a bookkeeper to reference every now and then, this is the blog for the job.
  19. Business Know How – Small Business Blog This blog focuses on small business accounting tips, including payroll. It also talks about growing your business and knowing when to make an investment that will pay you back in a major way.
  20. Small Business Blog This is arguably one of the best small business accounting blogs on the web. It goes beyond the basics, covering the latest tax breaks and laws at a federal level.
  21. Small Business Accounting Blog If you need to go a little further than small business accounting 101, this blog shows you the ropes when it comes to equity and cash flow. This blog is one to bookmark because it has plenty of pertinent small business accounting information in concise articles that you can reference throughout the year.
  22. Millington and Company CPAs Small Business Accounting Blog This blog is a smart read for small business owners because it discusses training someone to handle payroll and how to ensure it’s done in an efficient, yet speedy way. Passing off this task to a bookkeeper can be tough for small business owners who’ve taken the reigns since day one, but it will be well worth it if it means increasing productivity.
  23. Small Business Accounting Blog Get ready for a crash course in accounting with this blog that talks budgeting tips, bookkeeping and strategy. It also discusses the importance of a business plan, which gives everyone an itinerary for growth for the future.
  24. Small Business Accounting Handbook This blog gives you tips on payroll, including what are the best systems to use depending on your company’s number of employees. It also talks about the accounting obstacles you can expect to face as you get in the groove of the world of self-employment.
  25. DAS Accounting Blog Is bookkeeping in-house such a great thing? Learn the effects of outsourcing your payroll and see if it might be the right move for you.
  26. The Entrepreneur School Blog If you’re a start-up business, this site is an essential read to learn what to expect when it comes to accounting. It’s all about crunching the numbers, taking reasonable risks and hiring people you trust. A recent post over small business accounting looks like the site will soon add an expert in the subject or have a few guests posts on the matter.
  27. Daniel Stoica This professional accountant isn’t scared to share his tricks of the trade with folks looking for accounting tips. He often chats about start-up businesses, including how to manage overhead and make the most of your initial funds.
  28. The Accounting Department Blog This site offers virtual accounting services, but it also provides the DIY accountant with tips. While DIY accounting and virtual accounting are two totally different things (after all, you aren’t paying for DIY accounting), the blog has insight on the differences between LLC and SMB accounting which some small business struggle with when choosing a title.
  29. Taxes Plus LLC At this accounting blog you’ll learn all about the proper business tax deductions, plus how to avoid an audit. Tips like these are crucial for a small business since slipping up in either area means more money out the door.
  30. Accounting Ninja This is one of the most comprehensive sites for DIY accounting. We like it because it gives suggestions on when to bring in a pro for small business owners. While the bulk of accounting can be done by yourself or a hire, it’s important to know when to bring in a professional to avoid any financial hiccups down the road.
  31. Blogs for Freelancers and Self-Employed DIY Accountants

    The self-employed and freelancers are dealing with a different beast when it comes to DIY accounting. To stay on the safe side, you must be meticulous about how your income to ensure there’s money set aside for tax season.

  32. KashFlow Forums This forum is dedicated to small businesses using KashFlow, but there are threads that will help out any startup business or freelancer looking for accounting tips.
  33. Neville’s Financial Blog This blog isn’t really about accounting per se, but it is about financial wealth and keeping it that way when you don’t have a boss to tell you what to do. This blogger will keep your spirits up and help you stay enthusiastic about being self-employed.
  34. Accounting Coach Some of us need a crash course in business, even after we’re self-employed. It’s a marathon, not a sprint and this blog illustrates that perfectly. It shows you how to deal with turnover and when to realize you’re putting too much in and not getting enough out.
  35. DIY Investing This blogger shows you how to make the most of your funds with DIY investing tips that will ensure you’re always able to keep your business going. We love it because he shows you how to take baby steps without getting in over your head.
  36. Way Point Accounting Blog These professional accountants offer tips to the masses. For freelancers, there’s a section over how to choose the right tax preparer, in the event of dealing with dozens of 1099s scares you.
  37. Freelance Switch This blog is packed with tips on networking (both the old-fashioned and social media variety), but it also has a plethora of information over DIY accounting and tax solutions. It’s important for freelancers to stay organized when it comes to receipts and services rendered for their gigs.
  38. Taking care of the accounting can be done on your own, but it takes a keen eye and serious organization. Whether you’re keeping up with your family’s income or conducting payroll for a start-up business, these blogs will help you get a handle on your money and feel good about taking things into your own hands.

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Slave to Discount Buying: Top 50 Niche Coupon Blogs

We’ve all heard of shoppers who can walk into a store and walk out with hundreds of dollars’ worth of stuff at a fraction of the cost. With all the notes, studying, searching, and clipping, couponing can easily make the money saved worth the time when done right. Those who have a few minutes to spare, dollars to stretch, and think retail price is for suckers have tons of company on the internet in the form of bloggers.

Below we have gathered the top 50 niche coupon blogs. Whether you’re looking to become a leading coupon mom, need the latest piece of tech but not the price tag, or just know you want it on the cheap, they are full of options for everything you need with enough money left over for stuff you don’t need.

Top Mom Niche Coupon Blogs

Because it all starts with the mom, check out these top coupon blogs.


    1. Coupon Mom
    The original is still one of the best. Blog entries come as links to coupons most of the time and there are loads of tips on what and where to buy. The Coupon Mom also often lists the final cost of many items in stores found across the nation.


    2. Money Saving Mom
    Those who need a little help starting out on their couponing journey should stop here. Crystal features a starter’s guide as part of her blog, along with many entries for couponing pro’s. The Best of Blog include “31 Days to a Better Grocery Budget Series” and “Becoming a Work at Home Mom.”

    3. Deal Seeking Mom
    Over 84,000 others have joined here to help make the most of all their shopping. Tara Kuczykowski has tips for living on less, money making ideas, and tons of store deals. You can even check out her coupon database with much more.

    4. Freebies 4 Mom
    Go beyond couponing with the help of this blog. Heather shares the best in free stuff across the web. There are also tips for coupons, sweeps, codes, deals, and more.

    5. Mashup Mom
    Combine the best of coupons, giveaways, and more on this blog. Sample posts include deals, free samples, and upcoming sales. You can even get lingo for newbie couponers.

    6. The Frugal Girls
    Heidi is from Washington where she is wife and mother to a house full of men. With many hungry mouths to feed, she utilizes coupons, deals, freebies, and more to the max. She also includes money saving tips, recipes, and craft ideas.

    7. My Litter
    Tiffany takes you through couponing one deal at a time. She offers everything from a Coupon 101 section to a massive database. The blog keeps constant updates on loads of breaking items in couponing, such as the new e-coupons.

    8. Short on Cents
    This family of five has to stretch their dollar to the fullest. Angie shows you how by including everything from free samples to reduced admission at many family attractions. She often includes coupons that she uses herself.

Top Niche Store Coupon Blogs

These couponing bloggers focus on a favorite store but are not limited to it.

    source: asmnewsroom.com

    9. I Heart the Mart
    Critics say it is ruining the country, but if you are like Paul, you can use this blog to save hundreds of dollars at Wal-Mart. He includes price matching sections, easy deals, a coupon database, and much more. With a tagline of “deals so easy, even your husband can do it,” the blog is not to be missed.

    10. Fare Compare
    Everyone has their favorite site with which to search and book flight deals, but this is an entirely different choice. This blog scours the web to find the best in airline deals from a load of different sites. With over 800 choices alone in Cheap Flight of the Day, this one might save you hundreds in one visit.

    11. I Heart CVS
    Your local pharmacy isn’t just a place to get prescriptions. This blogger keeps track of regular deals and coupons in the store to make the most of your shopping time. Weekly ads, and even a few tips for other stores, are featured on a regular basis.

    12. I Love Costco
    They say big budget stores are one of the best places to make the most of coupons. This blogger began writing as a way for their mother not to worry. It soon grew into a mega-site where the best in Costco offerings are discussed and shared.

    13. Safewaygirl’s Safeway Deal
    This grocery store is located all across the country. The Safeway Girl makes weekly and daily deals part of her blogging fare. With a promise of at least 40% off groceries, she is worth a look.

    14. Target Addict
    The TA readily admits to being addicted to the store Target. Updates on the store, along with deals are often shared. There are also loads of tips for what to buy when you are there.

    15. Department Store Retailing News
    No matter which department store is your favorite, there is news here. Bill Buczak includes stores such as Macy’s, JCPenney, Sears, and many more. Picks include charity, who is watching, and the best in toys.

Top Professional Niche Coupon Blogs

Although these bloggers enjoy many different professions, they have each found a calling in coupon blogging.

    source: tipnut.com

    16. Coupons/ Bargains
    Donna Montaldo is a journalist who combines her past experience in the retail industry with her passion for using coupons and finding bargains. She uses the blog as a way to share retail secrets, tips on how to save money when shopping, and how to utilize coupons to stretch a budget. Check out the blog for items such as a coupon directory, grocery stores that double, and even a free ecourse for beginners.

    17. Bargain Briana
    By day Briana is a master accountant for an HVAC contractor. In her spare time, she devotes her blog to finding the best in hard sought bargains. Great entries for getting started include “New Year, New Grocery Budget” and loads of Freebie Friday’s.

    18. Maven of Savin
    Lynn is an engineer turned physics teacher turned stay at home mom. Her latest passion is saving money while saving her mind. Get the latest tips on how with a read.

    19. A Frugal Chick
    Like many of us, this blogger worked a full time job until being laid off. She now uses her time to save her family tons of cash with couponing and shares how. You can also get loads of tips for living on a budget.

    20. Northern Cheapskate
    Christina Brown writes from the woods of Minnesota where she clips coupons, pinches pennies, and chases three boys. In the past, she was an assistant newspaper editor, a college admissions representative, and a community college instructor and academic advisor. Her mission now is to help others take control of their finances through couponing and freebies.

    21. Consumer Queen
    Melissa works on social media campaigns for major bands when she is not sharing coupon knowledge via the blog. You can use her blog to choose from many stores from Aldi to Walgreens. There is also a coupon database with more.

    22. The Prudent Patron
    She is a former elementary school teacher who uses her background in education to help others learn the art of couponing. With a knowledge passed down by her grandmother, the blogger shares couponing for both next generation and the past. Popular topics range from baby bargains to swag bucks.

    23. Surviving the Stores
    Rachel founded this as a way to keep herself accountable in grocery budgeting. It has since grown into a huge resource for others who need to save money. One of the most recent posts was on why you don’t need to be an extreme couponer to save loads of money.

    24. Brandy’s Big Bargains 2.0
    She left the professional field of Distribution & Warehousing in November of 2009 due to company outsourcing. Determined to support her family on a single income, she sought to find loads of news deals and savings. With many entries on how to do just that, you can choose from drug store deals, grocery stores, codes, and more.

    25. Mr. Cheap Stuff
    Dean is from Honolulu where he does online marketing. He created his blog to help others get the best in coupons, deals, and tips without wasting time. Popular posts include top ten fast food meals and the five benefits of no television.

Top Tech Niche Coupon Blogs

Get the best deals in tech with the help of the below blogs.

    source: unexpectedleisure.com

    26. The Cheapskate
    The experts at CNET offer one of the largest databases for free software downloads anywhere. Blogger Rick Broida takes it one step further by scouring the web for the best in tech deals and sharing it here. Most popular posts include Google and ice cream sundaes, Windows 8, and many others.

    27. Mojo Savings
    Mike and Lisa surf for deals so you don’t have to. You can search by loads of stores and the best in online deals. You can even sign up for email updates to be entered in a contest to win a $50 Amazon card.

    28. Bargain Buggy
    Get a peek in the buggy of a bargain finding mobile mom here. Shannon is a mother who stands out for giving the best options for people on the go or those visiting from mobile devices. She also includes the basics as part of the blog.

    29. Deal Mac
    Whether you’re a Mac or PC doesn’t matter at this blog. Deals for both are listed here and in categories such as gaming, office, electronics, and more. With a tagline of “how to go broke saving money,” the blog embodies that way of thinking.

    30. Cheap Stingy Bargains
    If you are in the market for a computer or any accessory, this is the blog for you. The blogger shares thoughts on many recent products, as well as recommendations for whether or not to buy. You can also get coupons for brands such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo.

    31. Be Connected
    Get loads of deals on techs, gadgets, and even product reviews here. Everything from gaming items to those for serious business is discussed. There are also blogs for home, pets, and much more.

    32. Daily TUT
    Visit here for a blog on internet, technology, tutorials, and how to’s. Best of all, they have a special section just for tech coupons. Recent ones are on $100 off and 20% off at electronics stores.

    33. Make Tech Easier
    Damien is from Singapore and has a passion for building and modifying loads of pieces of tech. His blog makes all this technology accessible and has special categories for Windows, Mac, Linux, and more. You can also check out Tech Deals with many options every day.

Top Deal Niche Coupon Blogs

You don’t necessarily have to have a coupon to get a deal as shown in these blogs.

    source: 5280hairstylist.com

    34. Get Groceries Free
    What deal is better than free? Ashley specializes in showing others how they can get their groceries for free. Using coupons, freebies, giveaways, and more, she can start you in saving an unbelievable amount of money.

    35. Dealcatcher
    Get the best online deals gathered to one spot here. A top ten deals on every store from Amazon to Dell greets each and every visitor. Current entries are on $0.99 CD’s, gift baskets, and sunglasses.

    36. Brad’s Deals
    He handpicks some of the best deals in savings from across the web. Often a popular choice, Brad often scoops many other deal bloggers. Current choices include low cost remotes and even 70% of your restaurant bill.

    37. Deal News
    Every day is Black Friday on this blog. The hottest deals and featured stories are instantly shared. You can also get deals in your area, tech, coupons, and even an editor’s choice.

    38. Fat Wallet
    Also a popular deal site, their official blog has even more. Popular posts include car insurance, a laptop buying guide, and things you shouldn’t buy from a dollar store. Check out the main site with much more.

    39. Want Not
    Mir Karmin is a mother of two kids and lived a comfortable lifestyle until the divorce. It gave her an opportunity to learn how to live more with less. Recent entries were on pancakes, candy, and books.

    40. Dealio
    The contributors to a site of the same name stop by the blog with even more in deals. You can choose from categories such as coupon alert, freebies, and much more. The main site also has much more.

    41. Dealzon
    Viet and others bring you loads of deals on everything from computers to clothes. A standout option is that products are often reviewed in detail by whoever is posting. You can also choose from different categories and stores.

    42. Luv a Bargain
    Sherri is a wife and mother whose tagline is “make money by saving money.” She shares tips for the best sites, memberships, and more. You can even get tips on how to earn money.

    43. Be Frugal
    Jennifer has gathered thousands of deals together on the blog since 2009. Based in Boston, you can use them to find online and printable coupons, as well as articles and tools for the best in deals. Be sure not to miss their own contest with more.

Top Other Niche Coupon Blogs

These couponing sites fall into a category of their own.

    44. Bargain Moose
    Sure all this couponing is great if you live in the U.S. Those living a tad North can stop here to find loads of coupon options from Anna, a Canadian 29 year old self-confessed shopaholic. Deals are featured both locally and internationally.

    45. The Budget Fashionista
    Because frugal is the new black, check out this blog. Kathryn Finney shares the 411 on what to buy, how much to pay for it, and even how to wear it. Steals and deals are the topics of choice.

    46. My DFW Mommy
    Laura Thornqist is from the Dallas-Forth Worth area and discovered a new way of living when the economy took a turn for the worse in 2008. She includes many ways to save in not just her area, but all across the nation. You can also get unique items such as restaurant deals.

    47. Cleveland Coupons
    You don’t have to live in Cleveland to enjoy this blog, but it doesn’t hurt. Jennifer Toth shares show a frugal family makes ends meet with the best deal and price. Take a look at both local and national options with a read.

    48. Baby Cheapskate
    Because having a baby can be the most expensive thing you ever do, check out this blog. Since 2005, Angie has been helping other expectant parents plan for a baby like never before. Also a good choice for those who know an expectant parent.

    49. Cheap Tweet
    Save money while you tweet with the help of this site. It has loads of deals and even a place where users can vote up or down. And of course, the option to follow on Twitter.

    50. 8 Coupons
    This mega site can get you loads of deals using your own location. However, the blog regularly features the thoughts of editors and useful guest posts. One of the most recent was on the daily deal bubble.

Although there are many deals of the day sites popping up every day, there is nothing quite like a blog that takes the time to review each deal and show you how to make the most of your shopping. Be sure and utilize the above top 50 niche coupon blogs before your next grocery store run or online spree to start saving now.

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3 Clean Tech Gadgets to Pick Up this New Year

They’re everywhere these days, they have more than just utility value, and they’re perceived as status symbols in most strata of society – in short, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that gadgets are taking over and redefining the way we live our lives. The gadgets of today are not just smart and sophisticated, they’re also designed using green concepts and manufactured to create less of an impact on the environment. Green is the color of the future, and we can see this in the way tech giants like Apple are taking to it and clean tech patents are being granted (or rejected) quicker than ever before (45 days is nothing when compared to the earlier wait of two years). So now is the time to invest in clean tech gadgets, and here are three that have crossed the conceptual stage and made it to the realms of reality.

  • EcoBike: Hot from the stables of GreenEgg Technologies, this cool bicycle allows you to generate power through just the simple act of pedaling – all you have to do is get on and start pedaling to power electrical appliances. There’s a touchscreen interface which allows you to choose the device you wish to power up, and which provides information on how each device in your home consumes power. You can save power generation information according to each user, upload it to your computer or other device using Wi-Fi, and use it to see who’s the most “powerful” of all (pun intended). The EcoBike is a great way to get physically fit, save on your electricity bill, and contribute your bit towards making the environment cleaner, all at once.
  • MiniPak: This gadget from Horizon allows you to charge small devices in an eco-friendly manner; it’s basically a handheld charger that does not depend on electricity and comes with two Hydrostik cartridges that use a metal alloy to hold hydrogen. When you attach your device, your phone, MP3 player or even a small camera (any device that can be charged with 5 V USB chargers) through the universal USB port, it gets charged. It’s the perfect device to charge on the go and save electricity simultaneously. If you wish to recharge the cartridges, you can invest in HydroFill, the home-use fuel cell system which extracts hydrogen from water and pushes it to the cartridges. Charge the HydroFill with a small solar panel or by plugging into an electrical outlet. The chemical reaction in the hydrogen fuel cells only produces water vapor and no air pollutants. The MiniPak also facilitates eco-friendly disposal because they do not contain mercury, cadmium or lead.
  • Ring Socket: This power plug is the best solution to the problem of overcharging your devices and in the process, using more electricity than necessary and risking damage to your device as well. You can set a predetermined hour to switch off power by winding a large ring, and when the appointed hour arrives, the power socket shuts itself off. The Ring Socket features an LED which glows yellow when it is in use, green when it is in standby mode, and red as a warning to show that the socket is overloaded.

So go ahead, treat yourself to any of these clean tech gadgets this new year, and save not just power, but also the environment as well.

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How the Economy Affects Healthcare Staffing

It’s a sore point with most people today, but no matter what we think of it, a nation’s economy plays an important role in the quality of life and lifestyle of each of its citizens. It is the umbrella under which our personal finances are sheltered, and if this umbrella lets in the rain of financial woes because it has a leak or is not sturdy enough, then something must be first done to repair the umbrella before tackling the personal losses faced by a multitude of citizens. The economy of the US has no doubt taken a severe beating over the past few years, what with the housing crash and the stock market debacle that saw hundreds of thousands lose their jobs and/or their roofs over their head in one devastating blow. And although it is limping back to normalcy, it has wreaked its havoc on almost business.

In the healthcare sector, the economy has taken its toll by leaving people without healthcare coverage and forcing them to go without health care even when they really need it. In the healthcare staffing department however, it has caused just a few ripples as opposed to the tidal waves that it has generated in other manufacturing and service sectors. In general however, employment in the healthcare sector is expected to be on the upswing because of various factors:

  • The number of baby boomers has gone up and is increasing by the year. Their healthcare needs alone are enough to increase demand for nurses and other healthcare professionals who look after the needs of the elderly.
  • Americans as a whole have become an unhealthy lot – with obesity and its associated ills on the rise, the number of people who require regular healthcare has increased over the last decade or so. Diabetes, cardiac disease, stroke, cancer and other chronic and even life threatening conditions are all caused by sedentary lifestyles and a poor diet choice, and because we are deluged with junk food and an easy life thanks to technology and other conveniences, the entire nation is more in need of healthcare.
  • People have also started to become more health conscious and more interested in the preventive aspects of healthcare. This means that primary care nurses and doctors are more in demand for their counseling and advisory services.
  • Primary care physicians and nurse practitioners are also in demand because they are more cost effective for most people and covered by their regular health insurance policies.
  • The prospects for travel nurses and physiotherapists are also good as more and more healthcare facilities rely on temporary staff to take care of their pressing but non-permanent needs.

So in a nutshell, while the economy has raised the costs of healthcare in general, it has not had any negative effect on the prospects and employment options for healthcare professionals.

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How to Make Money (Online and Offline) from Accounting Jobs

Some professions are better than others, not just in terms of job satisfaction and remuneration, but in that they are relatively recession-proof and/or can be done on a freelance and salaried basis. Accounting is one such career – when you become one, you find that jobs are easy to come by as long as you’re skilled and ethical, and as time goes by, you can set up your own practice and work from your home too if you so prefer. So if you’re looking for ways to make money from accounting, here are some of the things you could try:

  • Bookkeeping: This is a basic accounting job, and if you’re working as a salaried employee, you may also be responsible for other general administrative tasks. This job can be done on location and offsite, from home or on a freelance basis. If you work as a freelancer, you have the advantage of taking on the bookkeeper’s role for many organizations and so earning more money. However, remember never to take on more than you can manage because when you start to overwork yourself, it’s very easy to become stressed and make errors. Accounting and bookkeeping errors could become costly affairs.
  • Accounting and tax preparation: You’re responsible for maintaining the accounts of a company and helping them file their tax returns. After you gain a fair amount of experience in this field working for organizations and small business in a salaried position, you could branch off on your own and take on clients (both individual and businesses) who require your services during tax season. The key to pushing up the volume of business is to hold on to existing clients by providing them with timely assistance and also find new ones through references and promoting your services.
  • Become a CPA: If you want to get ahead in this profession, consider applying to become a CPA (Certified Public Accountant). It’s a tough task, but if you’re well prepared and apply yourself, you can increase your earnings, improve your demand, and enhance your credibility and respectability. CPAs too work solely for organizations (government and private) that hire their services or for individuals who seek their assistance.

Success as an accountant depends on how much experience you have and how many references you can provide – the more the merrier in both cases. When potential clients know you’re both capable and trustworthy, they don’t hesitate to sign you up no matter what your charge. So work on your skills, keep up with the happenings in the accounting world and the rules that govern the accounting and tax business, and adopt straightforwardness in all your work to enjoy a successful accounting career.

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The First 8 Things to Do When You Lose Your Finance or Accounting Job

It’s not the perfect day when you wake up to discover that you’ve lost your job, however, it’s not the end of the world either. Over a million people have been laid off in the past two years, and the majority of them were from the financial services sector. Yes, it is difficult to imagine being without a job and a regular salary when you’ve been sitting pretty all these years, when your six-figure salary meant you could afford the lifestyle of your choice. However, you must stay positive and take remedial measures to cope with a situation that could easily go downhill if you let it affect you adversely. If you’ve been laid off from your finance or accounting job, here are the first 8 things you need to do:

1.      Ensure that you’re not being fired because of misconduct (perceived or real) such as misappropriation of company funds or running Ponzi and other schemes that are illegal or which border on the legal. If your moral character is why you’re being let go, then your problems run deeper than you can see.

2.      If not, ask about compensation due to you – if you’ve worked at the firm for many years, the company may owe you money if they fire you without giving you adequate notice or for no reason at all. Check your employment contract and do some research to get your facts right.

3.      Take stock of your financial situation – if you’re free of debts and have a nest egg saved up, you’re in safe territory; you can use this money to tide you over as you look for a new job and consider the options available. However, if you’ve been living it up and spending like there was no tomorrow, you’re going to find the going very tough unless you can find another job that pays as much. Pay off your essential bills with the money you have, and ask your other creditors for a grace period to repay your debts. Now is the time to become extremely frugal and conscious of every penny you spend.

4.      Tone down your lifestyle – it will be difficult to start leading a simple life again, but even if you have money saved up, it’s wise to be thrifty because you don’t know how long you may have to live without a steady job.

5.      Look for a new position – update your resume (if you’re smart, your resume is already up to date because you’re the kind who plans ahead for any eventuality), send it out to prospective employers, talk to people you know, strengthen your network of contacts, and use the Internet to help you find a job.

6.      Think of setting up shop on your own – there are people who have managed the transition from employed to self-employed quite successfully by becoming consultants and working out of their homes until they make enough money to rent office space. With the Internet at your beck and call, it’s easier to find clients today than it was in previous decades. A simple website, some contact forms, a little advertising, and you’re all set to go. So arm yourself with positive thoughts, and offer your services to clients as a freelancer or consultant. People do need accountants and financial consultants, so if your rates are reasonable, you should be able to make a success of your venture.

7.      Rope in your family to help – this is easier if you are a close-knit family and decide to stick it out through thick and thin. However, if your spouse and kids are not used to a frugal or simple lifestyle, there could be more problems at home than you bargained for. If they are amenable, cajole your spouse into finding a job (if they are not already working) and talk your kids into taking up part-time work to help with household and personal expenses.

8.       And finally, stay positive – you may have lost your job, but that’s no reason to let your spirit die. Everything happens for a reason, so if you’re not at fault, wait out the period before you taste success again. Remember however that you must tighten your belt and change your lifestyle if you want to avoid the spidery web of debt.

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The 50 Best Numismatics Blogs for Serious Collectors

Numismatics…it’s the study of currency and we’re talking all types. Old coins, new coins, ancient coins and rare coins. This niche crowd is passionate about their hobby and share information on the web with numismatics afficionados, new and old. There’s always more to learn when it comes to tracking and identifying coins, so use these blogs and websites as your go-to sources for everything about collecting money (that’s worth a lot more than today’s buck).

Best Blogs for Numismatics

Studying and collecting coins isn’t just a hobby you pick up overnight. Check out these blogs for further knowledge on your favorite pieces or consult them before pouncing on a new one.

1. Numismatics Blog The name says it all! This blog no longer publishes, but has countless archived posts that go into great detail over authenticating and identifying various types of coins.

2. Silver Coin And A brilliant blog that covers various aspects of coin collecting, including how to clean and preserve your silver coins.

3. The Numismatist Coin Collector This blog is about as good as gets when it comes to severe details on coins that matter to true coin afficionados.

4. Curator and Collector This blog focuses on numismatics of the Northwest and has extensive coverage of ancient art and sculptures from the same region.

5. Ancient Coin Collecting If ancient coins are your forte, consider this the best blog you’ll ever come across. This blog is dedicated to decoding the history behind relic coins found all over the world.

6. Croatian Numesmatics This blog’s all about Croatian currency, new and old. The history behind the land is amazing and played a vital role in the evolution of the currency used there. Learn more at this blog.

7. Old and Ancient Coins This blog is for true coin afficionados who want a break down on everything from a coin’s rarity to its metal content. A fascinating read for those already well-versed in the subject.

8. Coins World Even if you have a long history with coins, you’ll learn something new every time you visit this site that’s chock full of information, especially rare ancient coins.

9. U.S. Coin Collecting The warm community created by this blog is always willing to lend a helping hand, even if you’re a numismatics newbie.

10. World Coin Gallery This coin gallery brings coins from all over the world, right to your computer screen. It’s a great resource for those looking to ID coins in their collection.

11. Coin Collecting News Keep abreast of what’s going on in the world of coin collecting. This blog covers theft of valuable coins and ancient coins uncovered in Israel. It’s updated often, so be sure to check back regularly for a dose of coin news.

12. Coin Forum Info Think of this as your must-have feed for coin news from around the globe. Updated often, the site is perfect for those who have coins on the brain 24/7.

13. The Lincoln Cent Resource Got a question about the Lincoln cent? There’s a solid chance you’ll find an answer at this insightful blog that covers everything there is to know about the U.S. penny (how’s that for a niche blog?).

14. English Hammerhead The English hammerhead is a valuable coin and this site is packed with information on ID-ing your hammerhead. While none of the coins on the site are for sale, the images serve as a great resources for research.

15. China Ancient Coin Blog While much of this site is in Chinese, a simple run through Google translator will bring up an English version you can read with ease. There’s amazing history in ancient coins of any nationality, but the Chinese tell the story of the land.

16. China Mint – Fake Chinese Coin Collectors Chinese coins are among the most sought after and here’s a list of commonly faked coins being sold online, as well as sellers known for practicing bad business.

17. Medieval Coins While this site offers little insight on the history of the coins, it does serve as a great tool for those researching the detail of Medieval coins.

18. About Coins This About site is a great read for beginners or serious collectors. It also makes the subject of numismatics more accessible for the reader who isn’t familiar with the ins-and-outs.

19. Monestatic This site is a great social networking tool for coin collectors. The members are friendly and eager to educate, so register (it’s free) and get chatting.

20. Coin Friends The shared images portion of this networking site is useful since members can comment and potentially ID a coin just by seeing a picture.

21. Ancient Coin Cleaning and Restoration Need to know how to make that ancient coin shine without damaging it? Consult this helpful blog before you pour on any type of heavy cleaner to ensure you preserve the coin’s condition and value.

22. Coin Network Connect with other coin lovers on the Coin Network. Benefit from their forum and gallery all for free!

23. Hello Collectors! It’s a simple site that addresses a serious problem – untrustworthy coin sellers that are looking to scam individuals online. Here’s a breakdown on who is worthy of your business.

24. Coin Community Info Blog This blog updates often and has a wealth of information for the already educated coin collector.

25. The Buzz Coin Blog Updated often, this is a great blog penned by the editor of Numismatics News magazine. Learn how to make coin collecting work for you.

26. Australian Coin Collecting Blog This blogger is passionate about coin collecting and it shows. The extensive posts and charts on the blog prove that you don’t have to be an”official” of any sort to know your stuff when it comes to numismatics.

27. Capital Treasures Can the every day Joe become a numismatics collector? This blog says yes and shows you how to make wise investments with your coin purchases.

28. Cheap Green and Happy This is a personal blog that just happens to belong to a coin collector. See how he collects and keeps track of coins from the U.S. and Canada .

29. Coin Blog This coin blog tracks new releases and how fast they sell out, in addition to providing tidbits on older and rare coins.

30. Beautiful World Coins This blog is dedicated to breaking down the amazing illustrations that go on coins. It gives a history on why the illustration was chosen and why it was commissioned in relation to the era.

31. AC Dwyer’s Coin Stories Like all old things, coins carry stories. Here’s a collection of both that will give you an insider’s look on why some are so fascinated with the subject.

Best Online Resources for Numismatics

While blogs provide a great voice for you to relate to on your coin journey, there’s nothing like pro websites and forums to get you knowledgeable about the metal you collect.

32. Coin World This the online magazine of coins from all over the world. The coverage revolves around more modern coins and places little emphasis on ancient coins.

33. Coin News Net This site keeps you updated with all of the coin news that’s fit to print. If you’re a beginner collector, this is a great site to bookmark for information on releases and how to go about buying them.

34. Ancient Coin Collectors Guild Keep in the loop when it comes to ancient coin updates and keep a calendar nearby to mark down convention dates and exhibits that may be in your area.

35. American Numismatic Association This is the official site of American coin collectors and gives a thorough background on the history of coins in the U.S..

36. U.S. Classic Coin Forum Check out this busy forum for answers to your burning coin collection questions. Also be sure to check out the other areas of the forum for coin talk on currency outside of the U.S.

37. U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing This site of the U.S. government keeps you updated on any major currency changes (like the fancy new $100 bill) and gives a brief rundown of the history of currency in the United States.

38. Teletrade Certified Coin and Currency Auctions If you’re starting your numismatic collection or looking to unload it, you’ll want Teletrade to be your first stop for more widely produced coins.

39. United States Mint Become part of the official coin collecting club in the U.S. by creating a membership with the mint. They’ll update you on events, newly released coins and what coins are increasing in value each year.

40. American Numismatics Society If you’re a coin lover who’ll be in the New York area, be sure to check this site for info on tours an exhibits that will make your trip worthwhile.

41. Numismatic News Check out this site for listings, appraisals and more. There’s also a great function for identifying coins and the site is happy to answer questions via Twitter.

42. Heritage Auctions Heritage wheels and deals in rare coins, so if you have a serious collection that needs to be appraised or sold, this is a great starting point.

43. Collectors Universe How to find coins, identify existing coins and how to go about swapping with fellow collectors online.

44. Central States Numismatics Society If you’re in middle America, check out this site for events in the area and connecting with fellow collectors.

45. Coin Library This site is the ultimate online resource for learning everything you want to know about coins. There’s also an extensive page with links for further research.

46. Ancients Info Forum If learning all you can about ancient coins is your interest, bookmark this forum. It’s brimming with information on ancient coins from various civilizations and the members are always willing to help with questions when they can.

47. Bullion City This messageboard focuses on numismatics, saving, investing and more, but it has a great sub-forum for coin collectors and metals.

48. Coin Talk Chat about coins and currency at this site. Serious coin collectors are welcomed since the crowd is well-versed and can chat with the best of ‘em.

49. Wisard Coin This site focuses on world coins from the 20th century and has plenty of eye candy for those interested in coins from this time period.

50. Currency Museum Canada This Canadian museum has extensive information on the history of Canadian currency on their site as well as information on exhibits and the permanent collection housed in the museum.

Numismatics has a new face thanks to the Internet. As everything that’s old becomes new again, it’s a hobby that many enjoy learning about even if they don’t have the money or desire to become hardcore collectors.

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50 Financial Aid Posts Every Parent Should Read

If you’re the parent of a sophomore or junior in high school, you know the trek down the road of financial planning for your child’s college career has already begun. Getting into college in the U.S. is more competitive than ever, whether you’re looking at Ivy League schools or top state universities. With that, the cost of tuition, residence and books are also rising, making financial aid a crucial step for many families.

Remember to let your teen do their own homework and exploring with financial aid, but be ready to approve and sign off on applications. It’s always best to get the ball rolling early to ensure your teen has their ducks in a row before they head off on their own.

Financial Aid Tips for Parents

Like students, parents should begin the financial planning for college as far ahead as possible, even if the bulk of tuition will come from financial aid. Explore FAFSA, scholarships and loans with your child and always have a clear idea of your bottom line, when it comes to savings and family contribution.

    1. How Financial Aid Rips Off Parents on the Coasts Apparently, the U.S. government isn’t taking into account high cost living areas such as San Francisco and New York City when opting how much to give a teen in financial aid for their college education. Read how cost of living calculations aren’t taken into consideration for financial aid.

    2. How to Apply for Financial Aid If you’re just starting out with the financial aid process, this easy-to-follow how-to will tell you everything you need to know about applying. It includes useful tips such as creating copies of all applications to keep for your own records.

    3. Making Community Colleges Work While not all community colleges will give your child a sub-par education, read why the industry is lacking and the changes that need to be make community colleges be seen in a new light.

    4. Mother, Daughter and the Delicate Dance of Decision-Making You may be reluctant to let your child go in their own direction when choosing a college. Know that you’ve prepared them to make such decisions in life and let them blaze their own course like the mother/writer of this informative article.

    5. The Value of College While many argue that jobs no longer require a college education, this article proves that your child may be able to get a job in the beginning, but that says nothing for their earning power in the long run. Learn why there’s still “value”in attending college.

    6. Our Family Makes Too Much Money for Financial Aid If you feel your income is “too much”that you shouldn’t bother with financial aid, think again. Depending on where your child is ultimately going to school will play a major factor in determining how much money they can receive in financial aid.

    7. FAFSA Questions Answered A simple breakdown of all of your burning FAFSA questions such as estimating your family contribution to your student’s tuition and how family sizes effects your application.

    8. FAFSA for International Students If your child is looking to go to school abroad, they can still fill out the FAFSA application. Make sure to explore the potential university’s financial program, as they may have allocated funding for foreign students.

    9. Easy Tips for FAFSA If you run into a problem with your FAFSA application, check this site for plenty of answers and easy tips that will make filling out the FAFSA application a breeze.

    10. Get Ready for College – What You Need to Know About Financial Aid If you open the FAFSA application and are inundated with questions from the get-go, look at this PDF file which serves as a Cliff’s Notes version of the application. It will help you better understand what the application is asking when it comes to word phrasing that may confuse you.

    11. Bike Bliss Bike commuting started as a weight loss plan for this active mother. It’s now turned into a way of life, proving that will power conquers all. Read this blog for inspiration when the going gets tough (and you need to get going).

    12. Community Colleges Provide Opportunity at a Bargain Price For all the jokes and mockery made of community colleges, how many have actually stepped inside a classroom at such an institution? This Wall Street Journal article tells of a normal day a community college in middle America and the lessons that can be learned for an education with a low price tag.

    13. Financial Aid Barriers There’s a reason people get scared at the notion of financial aid applications. See the reasons that financial aid is still an uphill battle for some and the improvements that can be made./li>

    14. 529 Boobytrap – Beware of Taxes On the surface, the 529 plan may seem like a smart idea, but be aware of the fine print. In the event you exceed the amount in the 529 for college expenses (and many families do), you’ll be subject to taxes and a 10% penalty.

    15. Economy Causes Panic Over Paying for School Whether you’re laid-off from work or simply started financial planning for your child’s college fund too late in the game, there are many roads to explore before you hit the panic button. Find out what to do and how to make it work.

Financial Aid Tips for Students

You’ve cared for your child for 18 years. The time has come for them to get their own hands dirty and get to work finding financial aid that will work for their college lifestyle. Of course, the less they have to pay back, the better, so be sure to thoroughly explain this to your teen as they seek out financial aid tips.

    16. Why You Don’t Need a Student Credit Card Credit card companies are all too happy to extend a hefty line of credit to a college student. This makes no sense since most college students aren’t employed and many won’t be for a few years. Read why you don’t need a student credit card to get by in college.

    17. Experiencing a Gap Year Maybe you think you have to have be a trust fund baby to take a gap year. Wrong! Taking a gap year is a great way to enrich your extracurricular activities, volunteer or earn money to utilize towards college expenses the following school year.

    18. Social Media Dos and Donts for College Students In the digital age, it won’t be strange for a scholarship representative to do a quick Facebook search to get a further feel for candidates. Learn how to keep yourself from becoming too exposed on social media sites.

    19. A Student Picks His Way Through Financial Aid Students should understand it isn’t the job of advisors and parents to get the financial planning for college done. This article demonstrates how one high school senior explored a few options and allowed financial aid to be a factor in his decision making.

    20. Financial Aid Easy Planner As a student explores the various colleges they may want to attend, this site has a key way of keeping up with expenses. Whether the student is with a parent or college counselor when they look into a school, this simple flow chart will allow them to access costs..

    21. 10 Financial Aid Tips A carefully executed top 10 list that’s easy to read and fairly simple to follow through with. Planning ahead is a student’s best friend when it comes to financial aid applications of any sort.

    22. The Hidden Costs of College If you think financial aid is going to stretch to cover all of these expenses, think again. There are many hidden costs in college, and that doesn’t include partying.

    23. The 4 Rules of Paying for College in a Recession While the down economy shouldn’t shatter your college dreams, it’s also important for students to understand the reality of the times and choose at least a few affordable schools, while still working hard are applying for financial aid and scholarships by the bundle.

    24. Get the College Preparation Checklist Parents and students should sit down together and examine this college prep checklist to be sure you have everything together when applying for financial aid.

    25. Financial Aid Top Tips This lengthy list runs down the basics of financial aid planning, but also hits on new tips like a student saving his or her own money for certain college expenses, what types of financial aid to apply for first and how to stay on track.

    26. Scholarships Set aside a Saturday or a Sunday to explore this website with tons of scholarships. Sort by state, grade level, major or sport. Realize there are thousands of scholarships to be had and there’s no reason you can’t qualify for one, as long as you plan ahead.

    27. Money Management Tips for Students Maybe your student knows how to manager their money, but this post gives you further instruction for a sound financial future. Remember students should always keep their Social Security number guarded at all times and be thorough with credit card and bank card statements to monitor unauthorized use.

    28. Money Saving Tips for College Students Being on a budget in synonymous with college. Learn tips that will let you have fun and have funds for the necessities while at university.

    29. 10 Tips for Getting More Financial Aid When what FAFSA is doling out isn’t enough, look to these helpful tips for generating more financial aid for your college education.

Financial Aid FAQs, Tips and Forums

Many financial aid applications have a slue of specific questions that can lead to confusion. Check financial aid forums for basic FAQs, as well as individual situations that may help you fill out your own paperwork with ease. If it’s your first time visiting a message board, don’t be afraid to ask questions, visit daily and make friends with folks who can help you with any hiccups you run into with financial aid.

    30. Forgive Student Loan Debt At this active site, you’ll find folks from all walks of life dealing with the one thing that binds many of us – student loan debt. Read about the movement to lower interest and forgive student loan debt all together.

    31. College Confidential This message board has a forum dedicated to financial aid, which includes links and thorough guidelines for several major scholarships.

    32. Student Financial Aid for College Keeping up with deadlines is half the battle when it comes to financial aid. This article tells you how and when to prepare for each phase of planning so things go smoothly and you aren’t frantic come the deadline.

    33. Saving for College Forum Parents can meet parents who are doing the same – trying to save for college. Learn about the 529 plan from those who’ve been contributing for years and get the skinny on state taxes and penalty fees.

    34. Financial Aid 101 Quick tips for juniors and seniors and how to get the financial aid train moving. It also includes tips for younger students, who want to begin examining their financial future regarding college.

    35. Financial Aid Tips Glossary When you sit down to fill out financial aid documents, you’ll see a lot of numbers that may make your head spin. Keep this glossary on hand to know what each number refers to in terms of paperwork you need to have on hand to complete an application.

    36. Tax Credits Yes, some of your child’s education is tax deductible. Learn about tax credits, what’s tax deductible and tax information regarding borrowing from home equity and your 401K.

    37. Scholarship Scams Sadly, there are people looking to take advantage of college-hopefuls who are green and eager for an education.

    38. Explore Financial Aid Options Read this site to figure out what may work for you when it comes to financial aid for college. This site delves deeper and discusses financial aid for grad school and military benefits.

    39. Understanding College Costs A simple breakdown of college costs and where exactly your money goes. This gives you insight that will allow you to plan appropriately and make smart financial moves for college funding.

    40. 529 Plan and Financial Aid If you have a 529 plan for your child, there’s a chance that the plan’s money will effect further financial aid. It’s a complex process that will also depend on the individual university’s rules, so read this post thoroughly to avoid confusion.

    41. Is Your Student Eligible for Financial Aid? Many parents aren’t sure what their student needs to qualify for financial aid. This post gives you a rundown of the things needed before you begin the financial aid process.

    42. FAFSA FAQs FAFSA FAQs and answers straight from the U.S. government. Explore who qualifies for financial aid from the government and how to handle the situation if you’ve been convicted of a drug offense.

    43. International Students Forum If your student is looking to study outside of the U.S., this forum will guide you through the right steps to take to seek financial aid and planning. This forum also discusses sponsors in other countries for students to study.

    44. College Financial Aid Guide Learn everything you need to know about financial aid at colleges across the United States. There’s also an extensive section on financial aid for minorities and disabled students.

    45. Financial Aid Forum If you have questions on FAFSA, student loans or anything in-between, this forum is a wealth of knowledge for those learning about financial aid for school.

    46. Financial Aid Calculators Maybe you have some personal funds socked away for your student’s college tuition. See how this money comes into play with financial aid, the 529 plan, savings or trust funds.

    47. Determining Factors for Financial Aid Read this article to better understand how financial aid is determined from student to student. It also includes helpful tips such as having your taxes done before sitting down to file FAFSA.

    48. An Introduction to 529 Plans If the funding for your senior’s college education is scaring you, remember it’s never too late to start a 529 plan for your younger children. Find out the facts on the 529 plan.

    49. Top 10 Tips for Planning and Paying for College From choosing a college that fits your personality and learning style to getting a head start on the financial aid process, this site is full of information students and parents can learn from.

    50. Types of Financial Aids There are several types of financial aid. Learn the difference between a scholarship, grant and the various types of loans to have a clear idea of the direction you want to go when seeking financial help for college.

Preparing for college and sharing the experience of financial planning with your child will be a great lesson in both responsibility and smart spending as they begin to (somewhat) fend for themselves. Remember to let your college-bound student ultimately make their own decisions, but do not be afraid to guide them along the way.

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101 Top Tax Policy Blogs

What’s better for the economy? What’s better for the general welfare? What’s more important, financial security for all or individual freedom? How do the government’s tax policies affect us as individual taxpayers and as business owners? These questions are all addressed in this list of the top 101 tax policy blogs.

For those already interested in tax policy, this list may introduce you to some new blogs you may not have heard of before. For those new to the world of tax policy, this list, which was culled from the hundreds of sites examined, includes the best of the best and will provide you with unique perspectives on tax policy.

International Tax Policy Blogs

Blogs Related Generally To International Tax Policy

    1. ACCA Blog ACCA is the international association for professional accountants. Their blog focuses on issues related to tax policy around the world.
    2. International Tax Blog Andrew Mitchel, an international tax attorney, writes this thoughtful blog about issues regarding international tax law.
    3. ACCA President’s Blog Brendan Murtagh, president of ACCA (the global organization for accountants) discusses economic and tax topics that affect accountants around the world.
    4. From Milan to Mumbai Prof. Michael Livingston, of the Rutgers-Camden School of Law, focuses his blog on international and comparative tax law.
    5. ACCA: Helen Brand The CEO of ACCA, Helen Brand, knows the 170 markets around the world in which her accountants’ organization operates.
    6. International Economic Law and Policy Blog This blog has over 40 contributors who are experts in the field of world trade. They discuss international tax policies as part of their collective work on this blog.
    7. Public Financial Management Blog The Public Financial Management Blog of the International Monetary Fund is written in the hope that they may help IMF member countries improve financial outcomes through better budgeting, accounting, and related activities.
    8. Taxation and Development Issues For Developing Countries The contributors of this blog have many impressive credentials, and they all have opinions on the way that developing countries should create a tax policy.

Canadian Tax Blogs

These well-written blogs examine tax issues related to Canada.

    9. Canadian Tax Resource “Tax Guy” offers his expert opinion on everything related to Canadian tax law.
    10. Taxes.ca Blog Canadian tax professionals blog about Canadian tax law and policies at this excellent website.

European Tax Blogs

Since the inception of the European Union, European tax laws have become even more difficult to decipher. These blogs discuss the law and debate its merits.

    11. Grahnlaw Ralf Grahn, a Finnish lawyer, writes about European Union law, politics, and tax policy on his thoughtful blog.
    12. Tax Research UK Richard Murphy, a leading UK accountant, blogs about the need for transparency in business operations and the need for “tax justice” worldwide.
    13. European Commission Taxation and Customs Union Tax policy followers will find this page fascinating, as you can read tax policy for the European Union, as well as enforcement actions from the Commission on member states.
    14. Adam Smith Institute The Adam Smith Institute is a leading policy institute in the U.K. that espouses a libertarian philosophy and supports legislation to reduce taxes.
    15. The Robin Hood Tax The Robin Hood Tax is a proposed tax by social activists in Australia, Germany, the UK, the US, Canada, Belgium, and France. It would tax speculative investment such as hedge funds and other high-risk financial products.
    16. Tax Justice Network The Tax Justice Network wishes to raise awareness of the harmful results of avoiding your taxes and of sheltering your money in “tax havens.”
    17. International Tax This blog, written in Spanish, is by Salvador Trinxet, a professor, international tax specialist, and attorney.
    18. Taxation The Taxation blog is from the UK’s TAXATION magazine, a publication that covers all aspects of UK tax policy, legal matters, and practical tips.
    19. ToUChstone Blog The UK’s Trades Union Congress, a leftist organization, writes this blog about their recommended public policies.
    20. Tax Return Blog This UK Tax blog covers topics such as the personal tax allowance and scams to watch out for.
    21. Big 4 Tax Blog This UK-based blog comments on news at the Big 4 tax firms (Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, and KPMG.)

Asian, Australian, and Pacific Island Tax Policy Blogs

These blogs discuss the state of taxation in Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Islands.

    22. 100 Ways to Save Tax in Malaysia 100 Ways To save Tax in Malaysia is an incisive look at Malaysian tax policy for property investors.
    23. Asia Tax Blog Asia Tax Blog has tax news from all over Asia.
    24. Pinoy Taxation Learn everything you ever wanted to know about taxation and tax policy in the Philippines.
    25. China Tax Insights Matthew is a tax attorney based in Australia who specializes in doing business in China and negotiating Chinese and Australian tax issues.
    26. Accounting-financial-tax.com Putra, an experienced financial professional, shares insight about accountancy and taxes on his blog.
    27. TaxBlog (New Zealand) TaxBlog is the first tax and accounting blog written by and for New Zealanders.
    28. The IRS Tax Relief Blog This interesting blog has tax information from around the world.
    29. eJournal of Tax Research This scientific e-journal publishes scholarly articles about taxation issues in Australia and around the world.

Indian Tax Blogs

India’s tax system, which is extremely complex, deserves its own category here.

    30. Raj Kapadia’s Indian Tax Blog Raj Kapadia of Mumbai has been blogging about various aspects of the Indian tax system since 2004.
    31. Talking Tax Indian tax consultant Lubna Kably blogs about the tax policies of her country, aided by her “alter ego,” Zenobia Aunty.
    32. All Indian Taxes All Indian Taxes is a blog with many resources to help Indian citizens better understand national tax policy.
    33. Tax Guru India’s popular Tax Guru shares many detailed resources about the tax system in India.
    34. eTaxIndia eTaxIndia aims to be the #1 resource for Indian tax information on the Web, and with so many timely articles on complex topics, they have to be at least in the top five.
    35. Indirect Tax Madhukar Hiregange writes about the implementation of Value Added Taxes and other indirect forms of taxation in India.
    36. Tax Tips Guide ETaxTips provides tax resources for Indian citizens.
    37. taxworry.com Taxworry.com is a blog that discusses Indian tax policy and tax regulations.

Tax Policy Blogs By American Professors

Tax policy blogs written by professors will give you some of the most comprehensive tax information available online. However, these blogs may be difficult to a person who is not already well-versed in tax issues.

    38. Progressive Christianity & the Law Claudine Pease-Wingenter, a Phoenix School of Law professor, explores the relationship between “progressive Christianity” and tax law.
    39. Greg Mankiw Blog Greg Mankiw, an economics professor at Harvard University, covers American economic policy, including tax policy, here.
    40. Mauled Again James E. Maule, a tax law professor at Villanova, blogs about United States tax law topics here.
    41. TaxProf Blog Paul L. Caron, a leading tax authority and professor of law at the Univ. of Cincinnati College of Law, offers his opinions about American tax law. It takes the honor as the most popular blog edited by one law professor.
    42. 21stcenturytaxation.blogspot.com Professor Annette Nellen is the director of the Taxation master’s program at San Jose State. Her tax blog gets over 900 hits a month.
    43. A Taxing Matter Professor Linda M. Beale writes this incredibly well-researched blog examining U.S. tax policy from a progressivist’s perspective.
    44. Chicago Booth: Fault Lines Raghu Rajan is a professor of finance at the Univ. of Chicago School of Business. His recent book, Fault Lines attempts to discover the true cause behind the economic crisis.
    45. Understanding Tax Theodore Seto, a professor of tax law at Loyola Law in Los Angeles, writes this informative blog about the current state of American tax policies.

“Think Tank” Tax Policy Blogs

A “think tank” or policy research center is an institution that devotes the majority of its activity to research and discussion related to public policy. Therefore, many of these groups have relevant tax policy blogs.

    46. Tax Policy Center A blog of the Urban Institute and the Brookings Institution, the Tax Policy Center blog is considered a top resource for U.S. tax policy discussion.
    47. Amy Ridenour’s National Center Blog Amy Ridenour of the National Center for Public Policy Research writes this conservative-leaning blog that focuses on economic policy, current events, and other political news.
    48. Up Front: The Brookings Institution Blog The Brookings Institution is a leading Washington think tank that provides daily commentary on issue such as the economy and tax policy on its blog.
    49. Cato Institute The Cato Institute is an organization that supports the U.S. Constitution, especially when it comes to individual liberties, foreign policy, and free markets.
    50. Center For American Progress The Center For American Progress is a liberal organization that seeks to improve America through progressive ideas.
    51. Market Center Blog The Center For Freedom and Prosperity’s libertarian-leaning blog about the negative effects of over-taxation.
    52. Off The Charts: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities is a nonpartisan, nonprofit policy institute, or think tank. They focus on fiscal policies that affect Americans with a low to moderate income.
    53. The Foundry: Heritage Foundation News Blog The Heritage Foundation’s writers discuss developments in conservative public policy, including tax policy.
    54. The Tax Foundation Tax Policy Blog The Tax Foundation blogs about the impact that onerous state and federal government tax policies have on the average American.
    55. Freedom Pub This blog of the Heartland Institute provides a voice for people who believe in free-market solutions to economic crises. Tax policy is just one of the topics covered.

State and Local Tax Policy Blogs

These blogs are dedicated to covering American state and local tax issues. Not all states are covered here.

    56. Texas State and Local Tax Law Blog Alan E. Sherman, a Texas attorney, writes this blog to help people navigate the confusing world of Texas state and local taxes. Since Texas has no income tax, they make up the difference with a lot of other taxes.
    57. Decatur Tax Blog Decatur, GA provides this blog as a community service so the local taxpayers can read about national tax news that affects them.
    58. New Jersey Estate Planning and Elder Law Blog Deirdre R. Wheatley-Liss, Esq. writes this informative blog for anyone interested in New Jersey estate tax policy.
    59. New Jersey Tax Practice Blog Entertaining and informative blog about the ins and outs of New Jersey state tax regulations with Robert D. Flach, a seasoned 35-pus year veteran of “the system.”
    60. California Tax Attorney Blog Mitchell A. Port publishes this informative blog about California tax law.
    61. Property Tax In Florida Sherri L. Johnson, of the law firm of Dent & Johnson, specializes in property tax litigation. Her blog is full of Florida property tax information for anyone who needs it.
    62. California Tax Reform Association The California Tax Reform Association advocates for a fair tax system while providing tax expertise to decision-makers across the state.
    63. NJ Tax Revolution The NJ Tax Revolution blog is written by a group of people who believe that New Jersey is taxing and spending too much.
    64. Stateline.org Stateline.org presents the very latest in state politics and tax policy on this news page.

Helping American Taxpayers Make Sense Of Policy

This last group of blogs is devoted to helping the American taxpayers learn more about tax policy and about the way it affects them in their daily lives.

    65. Taxgirl “Taxgirl” is an experienced Philadelphia tax attorney who offers witty commentary on the tax news of the day.
    66. salestax.wordpress.com A sales tax expert blogs about sales tax rules around the United States.
    67. Your Federal Tax Guide A well-written resource featuring tax information for American citizens.
    68. Aviation tax and legal information Advocate Consulting specializes in helping individuals navigate the confusing world of aviation taxes.
    69. salestaxbuzz.org Avalare, a company that helps businesses manage their sales taxes, writes the Sales Tax Buzz blog.
    70. rubinontax.blogspot.com Charles Rubin, a Florida Bar-certified tax lawyer in Boca Raton, writes this blog addressing various income tax topics.
    71. Tick Marks Dan Meyer from Tennessee blogs about taxes and accounting on his well-written blog.
    72. File Your Taxes Now FileYourTaxesNow.com educates the American public on tax policy changes that affect them.
    73. IRS Tax News Get the latest in tax news from the IRS news feed on this blog.
    74. Federal Tax Crimes Jack Townsend, a Houston tax lawyer, posts news and commentary about federal tax crime on his blog.
    75. Don’t Mess With Taxes Kay Bell, a Texas journalist and tax author, provides tax viewpoints, tips, and resources on her popular blog.
    76. The Conscience Of A Liberal Paul Krugman of the New York Times blogs about economic and tax policy from a liberal perspective.
    77. Tax Lawyer’s Blog Peter Pappas is a Central Florida tax attorney who shares original insights about American tax law and ways that people can legally minimize their tax obligations.
    78. Real Tax Policy Real Tax Policy covers federal tax issues fro our nation’s capital.
    79. THE WANDERING TAX PRO Robert D. Flach shares wisdom and insights gleaned from his 38 years in the tax preparation industry.
    80. SmartTax SmartTax’s blog is designed to provide the public with good information that will help them make wise financial decisions.
    81. Tax Lifeboat Tax Lifeboat gives taxpayers some solid strategies for working out tax problems.
    82. Tax Precision Tax Precision is less a tax blog than a forum, but it provides a great opportunity for tax pros from around the world to discuss tax policy.
    83. blog.fasttaxreturnsonline.com Tax Prep Rally is a blog designed to help the “regular people” do their taxes.
    84. Tax Solace Tax Solace is a blog that is focused on the resolution of tax problems.
    85. Tax.com Tax.com was designed to help the average American taxpayer make sense of the tax system through well-researched articles and opinion posts.
    86. The Tax Haven Report The “Tax Haven Report” promises to give you the information you need to avoid paying as many taxes as humanly possible by setting up offshore bank accounts.
    87. Tax Savvy The bloggers at The Prudent Purse share news and opinions about the tax policies that affect Americans.
    88. The Fair Tax Blog The Fair Tax Blog aims to persuade the American public that the hidden costs of the current federal tax system are too high. Their solution is a different kind of tax that isn’t taken out of paychecks but is more like a national sales tax.
    89. Future Of The Federal Estate Tax The federal estate tax is currently undergoing many changes and this blog promises to keep everyone updated.
    90. National Journal Online The National Journal Online offers expert analysis on U.S. economic issues, including tax policy.
    91. Taxpayer Advocacy Panel The Taxpayer Advocacy Panel is a volunteer group that works with ordinary citizens to help the IRS improve customer service policies.
    92. co2 Tax This blog brings together news and articles about environmental taxes from across the Web.
    93. Home Business Tax Savings This blog discusses United States monetary policy and tax laws in way designed to help the average citizen save on taxes.
    94. Tax Law Blog | IRS Tax Attorneys This blog is dedicated to United States tax policies that affect the business and individual taxpayer.
    95. Economists For Obama This blog is written by economists who think that Obama is doing a good job of creating economic policy. It has not been updated since February 2009, however.
    96. File Federal Taxes Online This helpful blog is full of great tax advice.
    97. National Tax Credit Group This interesting site is maintained by a company who provides tax credit administration services for many state and local entities.
    98. Carbon Tax Center This is a blog by people who believe that the United States should have a national carbon tax.
    99. Taxes Observed This thoughtful blog takes a look at current news and events in United States tax policy as well as offers tips for filing correctly.
    100. Tax Deduction True to its name, this blog features information about the many different kinds of tax deductions that Americans can claim on their federal tax returns.
    101. Tax Rascal Tax Rascal treats American tax policy with razor-sharp wit and insightful analysis.

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