3 Types of Accountants

In 2012, there were over 1 million jobs for accountants in the United States. Working as an accountant generally means working with and monitoring money and costs, analyzing budgets, and understanding tax laws. However, not all accountants do the exact same job. In fact some accountants specialize in one type of accounting over another. So where are these 1 million accountants working and what are they doing?

Public Accountants

The most common type of accounting is public account. They work with tax forms for both individuals and corporations and advise on how to prepare for tax season and prepare documents. Public accountants are often Certified Public Accountants and have their own businesses or work for accounting firms.

Managerial Accountants

These are the accountants who help manage private businesses on the front end – they record and analyze financial information, work on budgets and organize the cost of doing business. They work alongside the finance teams of companies to help establish and protect the bottom line. They are also – depending on the business – often involved in helping to choose investments that are a good fit for that company’s financial portfolio. These can include stocks, bonds, real estate, and other funds that can grow a business financially.

Government Accountants

The government has its own accountants. They are needed to maintain and inspect any government agency documents. They also work to help ensure that private businesses or people whose work will be paying taxes or needing to uphold government regulations are in accordance with any and all of those stipulations. Accountants who works for federal, state and local governments are meant to work as a safe guard against fraudulent spending and certify that all income is spent in agreement with the law.

No matter what kind of accounting, most people in this field are making and average of $63,000 a year – the top ten of earners, working for prestigious banks, investment firms, or in certain business-heavy parts of country, made over $110,000 last year . It continues to be one of the best paying occupations out of many business and finance career and continues to grow as a job field. It’s a great choice for sharp-minded, dedicated people. So what kind of accountant will you be?