3 Clean Tech Gadgets to Pick Up this New Year

They’re everywhere these days, they have more than just utility value, and they’re perceived as status symbols in most strata of society – in short, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that gadgets are taking over and redefining the way we live our lives. The gadgets of today are not just smart and sophisticated, they’re also designed using green concepts and manufactured to create less of an impact on the environment. Green is the color of the future, and we can see this in the way tech giants like Apple are taking to it and clean tech patents are being granted (or rejected) quicker than ever before (45 days is nothing when compared to the earlier wait of two years). So now is the time to invest in clean tech gadgets, and here are three that have crossed the conceptual stage and made it to the realms of reality.

  • EcoBike: Hot from the stables of GreenEgg Technologies, this cool bicycle allows you to generate power through just the simple act of pedaling – all you have to do is get on and start pedaling to power electrical appliances. There’s a touchscreen interface which allows you to choose the device you wish to power up, and which provides information on how each device in your home consumes power. You can save power generation information according to each user, upload it to your computer or other device using Wi-Fi, and use it to see who’s the most “powerful” of all (pun intended). The EcoBike is a great way to get physically fit, save on your electricity bill, and contribute your bit towards making the environment cleaner, all at once.
  • MiniPak: This gadget from Horizon allows you to charge small devices in an eco-friendly manner; it’s basically a handheld charger that does not depend on electricity and comes with two Hydrostik cartridges that use a metal alloy to hold hydrogen. When you attach your device, your phone, MP3 player or even a small camera (any device that can be charged with 5 V USB chargers) through the universal USB port, it gets charged. It’s the perfect device to charge on the go and save electricity simultaneously. If you wish to recharge the cartridges, you can invest in HydroFill, the home-use fuel cell system which extracts hydrogen from water and pushes it to the cartridges. Charge the HydroFill with a small solar panel or by plugging into an electrical outlet. The chemical reaction in the hydrogen fuel cells only produces water vapor and no air pollutants. The MiniPak also facilitates eco-friendly disposal because they do not contain mercury, cadmium or lead.
  • Ring Socket: This power plug is the best solution to the problem of overcharging your devices and in the process, using more electricity than necessary and risking damage to your device as well. You can set a predetermined hour to switch off power by winding a large ring, and when the appointed hour arrives, the power socket shuts itself off. The Ring Socket features an LED which glows yellow when it is in use, green when it is in standby mode, and red as a warning to show that the socket is overloaded.

So go ahead, treat yourself to any of these clean tech gadgets this new year, and save not just power, but also the environment as well.